Hey guys so this is the last post I’m posting here,after this post I’m gonna deactivate this blog,the reason why is …. 1. I dont have time 2. I dont like sharing my life with everyone public. I truly thank everyone who followed me and to Hypocriticalfortunecookie for helping me. You can follow me on instagram (Arinafouche) and feel free to private me



They say I’m beautiful, … but their eyes says I’m  weird
They throw stone after stone at my glasshouse
Trying to break my home down..
But baby, in the end, I’ll build a castle with their stones

They say I’m thin, but their grins say im fat
Painting a fake smile on my face
Trying to make me like a sugarcoated doll
But baby, in the end ill come out wearing my crown like a queen

They say I’m intelligent but their minds says I’m  dumb
They throw poison on my precious heart
Trying to poison roses and lilies,blackening my heart
But baby, rain will fall, and daisies and shunshine will rule

They want perfect, but ill show them that my full figure, my weirdness, my emotions and my mind makes me a real woman



Orange and pink painted in the sky,
as darkness covers the earth.
Beautiful colours blended one with another.
Do you see it too?

Frogs and locust singing in a choir,
as the daylight fades away.
A spontaneous melody in the air.
Do you hear it too?

Sweet and fresh rain drops,
laying on the flower petals.
Creating a marvellous smell for all.
Do you smell it too?

Moonlight and starlight beckoning me, but darling…. I won’t forget the sunset



The words in my head


Too fat!
I’m screaming again.
You’ll never make it.
I’m drowning in fear.
All these words in my head,…eccoing time after time.

But I hear a voice saying to me:
You are beautiful, my beloved.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

Too scared.
I feel my bones trembling.
You’re useless.
I’m numb with sorrow.
All these word in my head,…eccoing time after time.

But I hear Him wispering to me:
You are going  make it, today.
I will give you strength, to fully live.

Too weird.
I’m suffocating in tears.
You’re not loved.
My heart stopped beating.
All these word in my head,…eccoing time after time.

But I hear Him telling me:
You’re scars is beautiful, darling.
I love it that you’re different, not the same as the world.

I can clearly hear you calling me, above the voices in my head, saying “I love you!”



Tussen die Mure (Afrikaans)


Tussen die mure, lê woorde,
Woorde vol liefde, van ń vriend.
Onthou jy dit nog, of speel dit, in jou agterkop.
Sy hart klop vol liefde vir jou.

Tussen die mure, lê n lied
Note van instrumente.
Dans jy op die maat van jou hart, of dwaal jy in die ronte?
Hy wag vir jou, op die dansvloer vir nóg n dans.

Tussen die mure, lê n skater lag.
ń lag van n kind.
So soet en suiwer ,sonder enige smart of haat.
Die lag klink soos simbale in my ore.

Tussen die mure, lê goeie nuus.
Goeie nuus vol blydskap.
Luister jy na die waarheid of lewe jy ń duisend leuens?
Sy planne vir ons, is goeie nuus.


Shining galaxies

We are satellites!
We are the sky,…there’s no time
Burning in union,yet shining independent
Tonight, we’re gonna shine across the sky!

We are stars!
We are on fire, burning in the sky.
Shining in the sky…,no one can dim us.
Tonight, we’re gonna shine across the sky!

We are the light!
We are a torch burning on fire.
Burning down the pain,…rising out of the ashes
Tonight, we’re gonna shine across the sky!

They’ll try to shut us down… to ,put out lights!
But we won’t back down,…we will rise up in the sky.
And everyone will see the galaxies in our eyes