Peach Roses­čî╣


As I walk in you’re garden, I see the beautiful roses of yours.
I think it’s pink,I’m not sure….oh wait it’s a blush peach!
Oh don’t they remind me of you.

They look so warm. Ah, yes, I feel that same warmth when you touch me.

The’re so beautiful and delicate, yet graceful.
Oh and don’t you fit perfectly in that description?!
A bit modern and vintage mixed, yeah

Oh, they look so pure and innocent, even though I know they have thorns.
But they are too beautiful to resist, just like you!

I think I might buy you a peach rose today.

My little Birdie 

My little birdie,why are you so shy?

Don’t you know you’re worth?
You look so pretty my little birdie.

Don’t let anyone say you’re not cause you are pretty!
My little birdie,why are you still in the cage?

Don’t you know the gate is wide open?

You can fly and be free!

You can see everything from a different point of view
My little birdie,why are you so afraid?

Don’t you know you’ll be safe with me.

When you fly so high in the sky.

Who do you need to fear when you’re when you’re soaring with the eagles,my little birdie?!

Why did i start the ketogenic diet/Lifestyle 

I had a every low self esteem and not much self confidence.

So i got to learn and do keto,Which is mainly eating fats,meat,and veggies (No carbs,No sugar,no fruits)

You even get vegetarians on keto,but i love my bacon to much!

And I’ve been doing it since last year September.

My mom introduced it to me,and my whole family is doing it

And lost about 10kg,got several problems that is much better and gained so much confidence and self esteem.

I eat less and aren’t having Cravings . I’m a different person since last September(we all change by various stuff everyday)but keto helped me so much.

I also make my own pizzas and food with  much Carbs,and with no sugar

I don’t want to go back to the normal eating why,cause why go back to feeling swelled up and sick (from bad food) when you can eat better and healthier
I hope you enjoy my post and you are welcome to do research on it.

*This post is not to offend anyone,it’s based on my experience and my opinion 

A piece of paper

A piece of paper, it’s sometimes brown and have faces on

Oh what people would do for it?!
It’s a piece of paper that tears families apart

It’s sometimes blue

Oh what people would do for it! ?
It’s a piece of paper that everyone had once and sometime it brings a little joy

Oh what people would do for it
It’s sometimes green and makes people very greedy 

Yep,it’s money honey!

We all want it, and uses it alot, but we keep on chasing it like a dog. 

We want more, but does more really satisfy? 
We chase after Money and we forget how many hearts we cut in pieces with a piece of paper 

Food Poem 

From bacon to eggs

From apples to pears 

Oh it sounds delicious 

You can on a diet or low carb

You can be a vegan or eat anything 
From pancakes to pies

From steaks to spaghetti 

Oh it sounds delicious,and i think an Italian would like that

You can be rich or poor

You can be thin or thick
From cute muffins to doughnuts

From chocolates to cakes

Oh it sounds delicious and i definitely want it!

You can be tall or short

You can be everything you want to be
And of course you can bring a braai or eat a delicious pizza….
But food stays good for your soul

-CRaZy DAiSy

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